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OE Formulated Disc Brake Pads by Positive Plus®. Cast and finished to O.E. standards,

  1. -Positive Plus semi-metallic brake pads are the most versatile solution on the market.
  2. -Maximum stopping power and superior friction coefficient in every braking condition.
  3. -Unrivalled low-temperature performance (like those first few stops during our frigid Canadian winters) as well as in high-temperature situations (like stop-and-go traffic).
  4. -Quieter than competitive offerings thanks in part to superior-quality materials such as cashew resin and high graphite content.
  5. -Low compressibility for a firmer brake pedal feeling.
  6. -Metallic content provides high thermal threshold which reduces fading.
  7. -Superior heat dispersal at centre of braking system when coupled with drilled and slotted rotors.
  8. -Best choice for heavy-duty applications and towing for trucks and SUVs.
REAR DISC BRAKE PAD Specifications Interchanges Manufacturer Part Number Audi 1K0698451D Audi 1K0698451G Audi 1K0698451K Audi 4F0698451A Audi 4F0698451D Audi 8E0698451F Audi 8E0698451J Audi 8E0698451M Audi 3AA698451 FMSI Universal Friction D1108 8213 FMSI Universal Friction D1348 8213 Volkswagen 1K0698451E Volkswagen 1K0698451F Volkswagen 1K0698451G Volkswagen 1K0698451H Volkswagen 1K0698451K Volkswagen 3C0698451 Volkswagen 3C0698451A Volkswagen 3C0698451B Volkswagen 5N0698451 Volkswagen 3C0698451C Volkswagen 3C0698451D Volkswagen 3C0698451E Volkswagen 3C0698451F

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